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Hair Fashion from the best Italian and foreign designers


Italian & International Hair Fashion - No.5 2009
Hair Fashion from the best Italian and foreign designers

I.H.F. Image is the new magazine for hairdressers and their clients, (quarterly out 4 times a year: March-June - September - December) with lots of hair fashion images in large format proposed by famous Italian and foreign designers.
A practical and modern magazine, which is easily accessible with the sun, many, beautiful glamorous and trendy hairstyles for everyone and for all needs. Many ideas fashion show, as they are or propose to interpret and customize once, just for your customers!

Fashion hair / hairstyles autumn-winter 2009-2010
Enter into an exclusive club to develop your creativity, sharpen your skills stylistic techniques, to discover in preview the latest fashion trends.
MOKA sprinkle of cocoa CAKE:
foamy hot coffee for the taste hair fall. The texture gives warmth and vigor, folds flat on the fringe motion at the tips to liven up the first penalty of the season preinvernale.
Headgear in Astrakhan:
ashen with peaks in front and behind which give an air of truly original, very artistic.
Mahogany super short, smooth end, joined at the tips trick moderately godet.
color of the East for an average cut marched
A copper foil modeled on a gentle face, with cuts by the asymmetric geometry.
AGGRESSION MELLOW, almost ethereal:
In the collection to play on volumes, points, consistently more than the color, pretty blond, light or lightened enough to make the effect more soft, almost ethereal. Forms at times more steam, sometimes piau decided u cut medium-long, sometimes masked by cutting average. The lines, in some cases, exacerbate the aggression expressed by the face and eyes for a woman absolutely true, with multiple facets.
Fringe Short bomb from a little texture in shade from red to brown enriched in the volumes side by curly wig gathered ears asymmetrically with a touch of platinum.
Harvest important point on the top of the head in an orderly manner, the tone of dark hair in interesting contrast with eyes of ice, ammaglianti e. .. merciless.
What add to muscles and tattoos? Hairstyles foreground simple and decided on bare breasts. Short cuts from clumps in natural or treated with a gel, sometimes with well-ordered lateral lines. For the young talent in the world cuts men play with the lengths and warmer tones and speckled by strokes of light. Beardless or unshaven faces captivate even want to communicate a character of strength and simplicity, in short, at the same time, macho and gentlemen.


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